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This site is still work in progress and will evolve further in 2018.


This new blog replaces my original blogspot blog that I started over 10 years ago. I felt it was time to refresh things a little and start again.


Here I will mainly be posting sketches made on an iPad (using the app Procreate) or in my sketchbook. Other things may appear, it depends what I find inspiring.


Thank you for visiting.



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Tidying the Garden

By Matthew, Jan 8 2018 09:39PM

A cold but sunny Sunday afternoon saw me tidying up a little in the garden. I have a flower bed to reshape whenever the weather allows. I am pondering building a small greenhouse and looking on the web to get a few ideas of what I could make in a cheap but effective way. I need to have a challenge occasionally to give me something practical to do and which draws on my permaculture interests.

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