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This site is still work in progress and will evolve further in 2018.


This new blog replaces my original blogspot blog that I started over 10 years ago. I felt it was time to refresh things a little and start again.


Here I will mainly be posting sketches made on an iPad (using the app Procreate) or in my sketchbook. Other things may appear, it depends what I find inspiring.


Thank you for visiting.



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By Matthew, Jan 20 2018 07:42PM

Approaching the cafe: a tall, slow amble.

Door opens and enters.

Looks around.

The bin looks tempting.

A quick rummage,

Nothing of interest there.

Some loose change found in pocket

A cup of tea ordered.

Sits, gazing out the window.

Worn, dusty, mud splashed,

Old leather coat and woollen hat and gloves.

New Jeans.

Long, thin nose

Wild beard,

Very very wild.

Pushes up from the chair

Not too sprightly.


Table disinfected.

By Matthew, Jan 15 2018 08:52PM

I saw a house on tv

the home of great wealth:

ornate, an understatement -

chandeliers, figurines, gold everywhere

glass cases and ceramics

the stuff of antique shops

and opulent decor.

Not for me.

Give me wood.

Possibly some stone too.

Wood that has a life and character

all of its own.

Wood that has lived and still

has a life of texture, resinous fragrance,

warmth of touch and coloured grain.

A tree no more and yet

still an enduring and comforting presence.

Give me simplicity and yet

creative construction.

The outside, inside - a connection.

a space of freshness

woodsmoke and pine.

With sunlight enhancing lines and shadows

A feast of a woodsman’s handiwork

and a thanksgiving of the gift of nature.

By Matthew, Jan 8 2018 09:39PM

A cold but sunny Sunday afternoon saw me tidying up a little in the garden. I have a flower bed to reshape whenever the weather allows. I am pondering building a small greenhouse and looking on the web to get a few ideas of what I could make in a cheap but effective way. I need to have a challenge occasionally to give me something practical to do and which draws on my permaculture interests.

By Matthew, Jan 7 2018 07:27PM

Made a quick visit to this ancient wood just before new year, The picture was drawn as just a sketch from memory several days later but it hasn't really captured the twisted and ancient character of the trees. Still, it kept me quiet one lunch time. As did the poem.

Post Christmas thunder and heavy rain clouds

Tightly wrapped coats amidst chilled wind

Well trodden path along granite hillside

Sheep: colour washed with blue.

Walkers passed with damp muddy dogs

Across boggy boulder strewn moorland

The distant wood dwarfed by higher conifers

Anticipation of discovery drives me onward.

Centuries old trees, battered and bruised

One of Britains highest oak woods lies

On a bleak clitter strewn hillside

Where no man nor beast would roam.

Stunted and twisted the trees arise

From between close-knit weathered boulders

Mosses, ferns and lichens

Embedded on rain soaked branches.

History has left this wood untouched

But for curious wanderers, ghosts and druids

The makers of legends and those

Who seek its artistic inspiration.

A fragile habitat - I shall not enter

To clamber over the rocks and gawp

I have nothing to offer in return and

One less intrusion just might be appreciated

By Matthew, Jan 4 2018 08:53PM

This sketch began as a rough scribble with no real direction. As I sipped my cappuccino I gradually worked into the drawing and was vaguely pleased with what began to emerge. This is one of my favourite places sit and draw even though I have to travel several hundred miles to visit it once or twice a year!

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