Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Teapot Tales Review

I have been writing these short stories for just over a week now and have no firm idea from one to the next what is going to happen. My aim in writing has been to get some practice in preparation for a bigger project. So I set myself the challenge of creating a theme, the teapot, and then writing very short stories around that. The stories must be less that 300 words or so and all have to link together in some way. I am intrigued by how a subject or object can be viewed from so many perspectives by different people or things. I am not trying to create a single continuous narrative, rather snippets of prose that could exist at anytime in the overall context. 

Before I sit down and write I may have no idea what will appear. Usually I will pick the character and then begin writing. I may have a vague inkling of what will happen. For example, in Peter’s story I knew he was going to use the teapot as a watering can but other than that I just go with the flow of writing in the moment. 

Although I could continue writing these short pieces I may well bring them to a halt shortly and just dip in and out occasionally. I have written a few more to post, then there are other things I would like to do and I want to add variety to this site.

I would hugely appreciate any feedback on these Teapot Tales. Were they readable? Who do you think would enjoy them? Did you follow them? How could they be improved? Should I give up and stick to drawing?

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Mike F. said...

Hi Matthew,
I've just been enjoying the teapot tales. I misunderstood the concept slightly: thinking they were related not not sequential and, as a consequence,the Lord Hanley tale threw me a little. Having now read episodes 1 & 2, however, it all makes much more sense.
I only have two concerns. The first is length of each tale. I loved the brevity of them but I did read them all in one sitting. Their fleeting nature made me wonder how much I'd remember if I'd had a 24 hour interval between each instalment. This is obviously more a critisism of me than the writing!
My only real concern is that the stories won't have a 'conclusion'; by which I mean the overall story won't get linked/resolved (in my head). But then, leaving your readers wanting more can't be a bad thing.
Please keep writing!
(Mike F)