Monday, 13 March 2017

New Path

The back of the garden has always been a problem area. When we moved in a few years ago I cut down some leylandii and had been left with quite a few stumps to await removal one day. A couple of days ago I managed to dig up four stumps and then level out the ground a little. The job was made more interesting by the discovery of yet more concrete path buried under the surface. This I dug up and added to my annoyingly growing pile of yet more unwanted hardcore. The more I take to the dump, the more I seem to keep digging up! This time I decided to resort to my old trick of burying it as a base to a new path. So, in pouring rain, this is what I did. The soil dug up was used to level off the ground on the right and this was then sown with grass seed. The resultant trench was filled with all the unwanted hardcore and this was then covered with woodchip acquired from a local patch of waste ground where some overgrowth had been chipped. The path leads from the lawn to a wood pile and behind that is my compost heap. Ideally the path could do with some edging but I'm not too bothered at the moment as it is not in a prominant part of the garden. At last I have tidied up this area.

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