Sunday, 5 March 2017


Finished making this mini-greenhouse today. I had been thinking what to do for ages as I wanted somewhere to get seedlings off to a good start but I didn't want a greenhouse as such. The advantage of this construction is that It has transport handles so that I can move it around the garden, it is off ground level and so should be slug proof and it has a removable front panel for access and ventilation on hot days. I have just realised I should have created some small ventilation windows so I may have to do some adaptive work. The construction was the first time I have used screws for something like this rather than nails: screws are so much easier to remove and adjust than nails and I had loads just lying  around that get recycled from time to time. All the wood was salvaged from various places and the only cost was £9.99 for the clear heavy duty polythene. Some left over paint was use to weatherproof exposed woodwork. It can hold around 7-8 seed trays or numerous flower pots and so should be ideal for starting salad crops, tomatoes, sweetcorn etc.

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