Wednesday, 15 February 2017


A few days ago...

Clouds grey and heavy with sleet. It seems as though there has been no sunshine for days. As I leave work I see the clouds thinning and a deep peach ball of light breaks through the heavy greyness. No rays of bright light touch the landscape, just the dull glow on the horizon. As I drive further ball of light brightens into an intense orange but the light seemingly barely touches the clouds around it. Just a glowing sunset on the horizon.

The dull cold weather of the past few days has felt bitter and uninviting. A planned weekend to Shropshire begins to be questioned amidst a forecast of cold, rain and sleet. Do I really want to go?

The sun is a reminder that sometimes the unexpected can happen. A few seconds of awe can change an emotional state. A conversation with nature or a meeting with people can lead to a change in one's journey. Welcome the unexpected.

I look forward to going away.

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