Monday, 2 May 2016

Spring in the Garden

Unusually for me, I have hardly been out walking in any countryside this spring. I have only caught fleeting moments of the smell of oilseed rape flowers whilst driving along the motorway with my window open and it has been my family that has gone exploring bluebell woods and not me.

Most if my weekends over the past few months have been occupied in rearranging our garden. Flower beds and vegetable patches have been reshaped, paths realigned or created and wooden structures like an arch and pergola built. Sometimes I feel as though I have a tinge of OCD in that I always seem to find something to do. For instance: yesterday's only task was to spend the morning planting a few salad seeds and then spend a restful afternoon enjoying the garden in the spring warmth and sunshine (a rare occurrence so far this year). However, by the time I was ready for an afternoon cup of tea, I had also tidied up all the path and lawn edges, mowed the lawn and created a new wooden rustic fence up by the summerhouse. Once I get going I can't stop. I think I have now completed all the hard landscaping tasks and now just have a few plants to get.

I have tried to do as much work as possible without spending anything. I had to buy some wood from which I could make an arch and get plants. Otherwise I made use of paving blocks and woodchip being discarded by some builders and used some wood left over from when I cut down some conifers a couple of years ago. I had a supply of nails left over from my father and just planned simple things that needed just a bit of will power and muscle to complete.

The garden now 'flows' better and feels more like ours. Walking up to the top is a much easier and more enjoyable experience. There is more height and more interest. It just needs some planting to bring it to life.

For the first time this year I am sitting writing in the garden shed. So far it has been too cold to entice me out in the evenings but now things may be on the turn as warmer weather is forcast.

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