Thursday, 26 May 2016


The following snippets of conversation were overheard from a table next to me in a cafe recently. It is always fun to go somewhere where there are interesting people to draw and listen to. I could create a picture from each of these quotes!

'I cut the hedge using scissors yesterday.'
'I'm off the Met (opera).'
'I'd prefer a nice soothing requiem.'
'They've got a penguin pie.'
'You always have such lovely dresses.'
'Oooh, I love scallops.'
'The Venerable Bede is my favourite author.'
'I must take these glasses (spectacles) back to the church.'
'Our grandson has named his cat Orion.'
'She said "our child's a boy, he does NOT read beatrix potter!"'
'I've got sixteen starlings.'

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