Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ecopsychology and the Garden

I have been reminding myself of my interest in ecopsychology that seems have been placed on the back burner for too long. This is idea that humans, over the course of a good few thousand years, have gradually distanced themselves from the natural world. Where once the tribal hunter gatherer societies had an intimate connection with the plants, animals and landscape around them, we have now progressed (in a broad generalisation) to a digital society whereby all our food, clothing, consumer items and culture can be obtained via a single internet connection. Why sould we pay any attention to the earth around us? As long as someone else can get their hands dirty, grow crops, work in unsavoury conditions and keep the supply chain going then we are quite happy.

This spring, for me, has been a time of focussing on the garden. This is the only thing I can do at the moment that works with the natural world. Here I can aid the earth in doing what it does best: growing plants. I am working with the soil, using natural materials were possible and providing a new place in which I can allow beauty to develop. It takes time and effort but eventually it evolves. It is a reflection of me in that I am being the creator of the garden. Plants will inevitable do their own thing, but I am trying to provide a framework within which the garden can develop. It is like painting a picture, it isn't always possible to see what will appear until it is finished, but in some ways this is easier and a more healthy and natural way to be creative.

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