Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Where to go?

I was chatting to my wife the other evening about the thought of perhaps giving up this blog. I enjoy posting things to it every now and then but in many ways I feel as though I might just be talking to a brick wall. She replied with the comment "Are you doing it for yourself or for other people?". Initially I did it just for myself and now, as the years have passed and social media has grown to dominate much of the way society works, I feel it hasn't really moved into that way of interaction with others. This is probably my fault for not promoting it amongst those to whom it may be of significant interest. I don't feel that I have people around me for whom it has a deeper connection, but then I am not really into building relationships with people over the internet.

My decision is to continue with it because I am doing it for myself. It is about my journey though art and spirituality. These two things don't quite merge neatly and thus the blog does have two rather distinct stands of though that switch between each other from time to time. I will aim to be more proactive in posting on both these things. That is what interests me and I need to have a place to explore a few of the things I think about.

I wonder what will happen?

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