Sunday, 16 August 2015

Deep in the woods

Deep in the woods
Where pouring rain darkens the light
I walk along puddled track
Ancient trees provide welcome shelter.

Rain everywhere
Tress dripping.
Deep in the woods.

A face at a window.

I've never seen a cottage
Painted black
With face at a window.
A solid black cottage
Trimmed with bright orange window and door fames
There, in the rain
Deep in the wood.
With ground floor window open
She stares out at my rain soaked figure walking past.
I can hardly make her face out
Is there really someone there
In the shadows of the blackness inside
The black house?

"Morning" she calls out
I acknowledge with a similar reply
And walk on in the rain.

Deep in the woods
She sits at the window
Staring out at the rain soaked world.

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