Wednesday, 1 January 2014


From Creation Spirituality by Matthew Fox (1991):
'Taking a path is different from driving down a highway to work. A path has something personal about it; it implies choice or even mystery. To choose one path is to reject another. A path is a meandering walkway-you do not rush or even drive down a pathway. A path is not goal orientated. A path is the way itself, and every moment on it is a holy moment; a sacred seeing goes on there.'

I might write a meditation on this shortly.

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Jennifer Friedmann said...

Wonderful quote, thank you!
A path is something to choose and not a way someone has to go.
That reminds me to the old tradition of Japanese martial arts: The student choosed a Sensei and followed his path originally for his whole life, even if the Sensei died some day, the student still walked on the earlier choosen path.