Saturday, 14 September 2013

Black Hill, Obley, Shropshire

I love this part of the welsh border in south Shropshire and I was up here over the past few days with my bike. Every year I seem to try and make a journey to visit this hill and the nearby Hopton Titterhill. This picture overlooking the hamlet of Obley didn't work very well because I couldn't get all the view onto the canvas size in the way that I wanted and with a potentially long bike ride ahead of me I was a little rushed. The picture should be stretched to about twice the width and could have worked better in a more cohesive abstract style. I loved the patchwork fields and distant hills on the right and then Black Hill rises very steeply up to the left with forestry plantations on the top. I had parked the car there and I was now about to begin the steep climb down into the valley bottom to the village of Bucknell. 

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