Sunday, 14 July 2013

Walled Garden

Cycled to Luton Hoo Walled Garden today for one of their open days. I had hoped to spend the day there drawing people but it was a rather low key day and visitors were rather thinly spread out. I did settle in one spot but then a rather angry bee started buzzing too close for comfort and I decided to hastily move. I managed to loose the bee after a rather brisk walk to another part of the garden. I then sat in the shade under some apple trees and sketched this on the iPad. It's a bit scrappy because the light was very bright and it was a very hot day and I was a bit annoyed at not being able to do what I had wanted to do. The garden looked in good form but I would have been better off on one of the bigger event days when it gets full of people. I work better then when surrounded with lots going on. I did fill a few pages in my sketchpad with various plants and odd bits of people as well, so I did have a good day. Apart from the bee.

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