Saturday, 6 July 2013

Poppies and Bladder Campion

This field of beans above Pirton was covered in a mass of poppies and looked amazing today. I tried out a different brush that I hadn't used before and wished I hadn't. I didn't like using it. Alongside the bridleway here some bladder campion was growing and so I added this to the picture. Hogweed is well out in flower now and the mid summer flowers such as knapweed, scabious, toadflax and sainfoin are just beginning to appear along the chalky bridleway.


julie janes said...

Hi Matthew, lovely picture... this could be the poppy field we saw in the distance from Henlow last weekend and wondered where it was and now I know ! as would love to take my camera... is it easy to get to?
Best wishes

Matthew Slater said...

There is a well used bridleway that leads up the hill south west from Pirton onto the Pegsdon Hills and it was just up near the top of the hill, perhaps 15 mins walk. Not sure if they will still be at their best now though. Thanks for your comment - about the first I have ever had from someone who has an interest in the location of my travels.