Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kyre Park

Kyre Park, Worcestershire, 27 May 2013
So here I am in a this open to the public large landscaped garden on a sunny bank holiday Monday and I am the only person here. Well, the rest of the family are in the car, but even so there are no other cars in the car park. The place once used to be more lively but now seems to be fading away through neglect and disuse for whatever reason. This view was beautiful: looking out through the trees across one of the lakes to the house and church beyond. I was apparently Christened in this church.

I had earlier walked past the nearby Kyre pool, a large secluded lake and was pondering the lack of bird life upon it. I am sure that as a child I remember the lake being place for swans, coots, moorhens, herons, assorted ducks and great crested grebes. Today? Nothing. I've been the several times in recent years and I am sure there is a distinct lack of wildlife in the countryside these days. There was a swan in the the garden above and a few geese but again I saw nothing in the way of smaller water bird life.

The garden was only a few pounds to enter. You just placed your money in a flower pot in a wooden honesty box and hoped that the next visitor didn't steal it!

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