Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Apple Orchard, Hanley Child

Hanley Child, Worcestershire, 27 May 2013
I unexpectedly came across this old apple orchard amongst some other newer plantings. The tall old trees formed a dense canopy of branches that shaded the lush extensive carpet of dark green grass beneath. The grass looked beautiful with few weeds and was bathed in a dappled light that broke up the darkness beneath the trees. Nearby, an old orchard had recently been bulldozed up and I wonder how much longer these old trees will remain here before probably suffering the same fate. New trees may well be planted in their place as has happened on the rest of this farm but it is unlikely that the new trees will reach the age of these old specimens as commercial pressure may probably call for regular replacements with higher productivity and easier management techniques. It felt quite a magical place and was perhaps the most memorable thing of this short holiday back where I was used live. I love apple orchards and this one drew my attention. It held a deep sense of history and nostalgia for me as we'll as being totally beautiful. The colours were by powerful and might be even more so when the blossom is fully out in a week or so.

This picture was painted from a photo as a quick sketch probably wouldn't have captured what  I wanted to remember.

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