Sunday, 18 March 2012

On Spring, iPads and Atheism

Spring is arriving. The days are a mix of warm and cold with still no sign of any significant rain thus much of the east of the country is suffering from a drought. Plants in flower at the moment: coltsfoot, violets, snowdrops, daffodils, wild plum, dandelions. Saw a comma butterfly in the garden last weekend and the occasional bumble bee and wasp is about. Ladybirds can be found in odd places too. Oilseed rape is growing quickly but it isn't warm enough to start doing any planting in the garden or the allotment.


Just a couple of days before the release of the iPad 3 I decided to buy an iPad2 - mainly because the price had dropped by £70 which made it seem more affordable.  I was inspired by seeing David Hockney use one and got quite excited about the possibilities it could offer. After trying several drawing and painting apps, Artrage and Sketchbook Pro are my favourite and these are very versatile and great fun to use. I went out on the bike today and spent some time 'painting' out in the local countryside. I was really pleased with the results though it wasn't really that warm and my hands froze.


Reading 'Creation Spirituality' by Matthew Fox. Excellent.


Just been to Hitchin Christian Centre where the atheist philosopher Julian Baggini was being interviewed. An interesting evening, not much of a debate - just an armchair chat. Think that if I was standing in the middle and had to decide which way to lean it would be towards the atheist side with a faith that was far more holistic in content.

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