Friday, 3 April 2009

Ecological Communication

I have always been interested in how I can develop my communication skills. I've been on a few courses and have a pile of varied books on my bookcase on the subject, but somehow I wondered if there might be deeper and more creative way to enhance my skills. Somehow, I think I need a personal motivation to take things further. It occurred to me that, as I feel I can relate to nature so well, perhaps this is the doorway to exploring the subject from a more relational and perspective. This might bring about better results. I know I have read much about how the natural environment can improve our health, well-being and confidence. Somehow I would like to build a stronger foundation based on nature, ecology and improved methods of communication. It is about improving the way I relate to people, work colleagues, friends and to build networks with those around me. Isn't this the core of natural relationships between the elements of the natural world? If I can understand more about how these relationships work, the dynamics of them and their relationship at an ecological, spiritual, emotional and physical level, then I am sure I can bring about a change in the way I work.

I don't wish to advocate a romantic environmentalism approach in any of my thinking even though it is easy to do so because being out in nature gives us, usually, a rather pleasant feeling. From a more deep ecology/Gaia based view of interconnectedness, then communication is a key factor is living sustainably and respectfully with and within the natural world. Once you become aware of your presence and belonging on the earth from an ecocentric viewpoint it can become important to establish a personal mission of communication - between yourself and your soul, between yourself and others and between yourself and the earth.

Why do I bother with all of this? Is it all a bit airy-fairy? Well - it interests me and I enjoy thinking about it. It works for me.

Having drawn up a rough initial mind-map of the possibilities I realised this could be quite a large project. How should I progress with it? Is it worth the time and energy in doing so? What am I really trying to achieve?

I was looking out of the cafe this morning at a small tree planted on the edge of the industrial estate and wondered about what it could teach me about communication. Perhaps it could represent the following qualities: stillness, presence, grounding in its environment, stability in adversity, interconnection with the earth and other elements, able to hold its own conversation... qualities that I need in my life and in my relationships with others.

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