Friday, 13 March 2009

Ambition To Meaning

I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer's film "Ambition To Meaning" on DVD a few days ago and made a few notes:

"Returning to nature" is more about "finding your own nature".

All of us have originated from nothing - all being originates from non-being. Perhaps the ultimate non-being or nothing is Spirit. We have all originated from Spirt.

Striving and Ego:
We are always striving, trying to do or reach something. We identify ourselves by our possessions. The more we have the more our ego desires. It seeks gratification and affirmation. Is my value dependent on what I want to accomplish? We can be so competitive, that's another thing the ego wants. The ego teaches us that we are separate from God. If the Spirit is everywhere, then it must also be in me - I must connect with it.

How do we move into the meaning of our lives? We must surrender, there must be trust - live by it and don't let it control you (?). Do you live an inspired life? Do you get inspired? You have to keep practicing until it comes naturally (?).

Trees reaching for each other. How do I think in images?

If I don't have ambition would I get anything done? It is all about where the energy comes from. Is it just pure ambition and the desire of our ego, or is it a greater thing that draws upon your Divine purpose? What is my own divinity capable of achieving? The ego always makes you "right" about what you say and think. Stop interfering with your life - let it be done to you. Die to the ego and begin to live a life of love and connecting to the Source. If you ever think "what if my life has been wrong", then that is a tragedy.

Giving up is good. There is a spiritual solution to every problem.

Life-changing Events:
Sometimes we can undergo "Quantum Moments" when something happens that makes us re-evaluate who or what we are. This can change our values as follows:

Men's values before: wealth, achievement, accomplishment, pleasure, respect
Men's values after: spirituality, personal peace, family, God's will/sense of purpose, honesty

Women's values before: family, independence, career, fitting in, attractiveness
Women's values after: personal growth, sense of self-esteem, spirituality, happiness, forgiveness.

  • Reverence for all life

  • Sincerity/honesty

  • Gentleness/kindness

  • Supportiveness/service

Sometimes you just have to show up and the music happens. Everything is there, waiting for you, just wait for it to show up. The things you want for yourself - really you should want them more for other people. It is not about what I can get, but how can I serve? Then the Universe says "How can I serve you?" Your purpose will always be found in service, that is how God thinks. Touching people's lives is the most important things. Your attention should be "How may I serve?", don't focus just on outcomes. Live in meaning, live in virtues.

Reach out to a fellow human being in need and forget the ego.

You don't necessarily attract what you want, you attract what you are. Forget about yourself.

You are only a thought away from changing your life.

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