Saturday, 10 January 2009

Places of Faith

I watched the second part of Peter Owen Jones' "Around the World on 80 Faiths" last night on BBC2 and one thought has remained with me through today. Somehow those faiths that build places for prayer and worship out of bricks and concrete (such as the South Korean Full Gospel Church and the prayer centre with individual prayer cells he visited) just didn't seem to draw my interest as strongly as those where people who out on the tops of the snow-covered mountains in China or building temples out of natural materials for their own little belief system. It's like a dichotomy between the people/modernistic approach to faith and that of the natural in-tune with the environment and personal spiritual experience. Manufactured verses organic.

I have huge admiration for this Anglican priest who has stepped outside his own comfort box of belief and is willing to share and explore other faiths with such open receptivity.

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