Saturday, 17 January 2009

Return to Painting

I've just painted a picture - at last! For many months I have been wanting to try out a particular style of illustration and get back into my own personal painting. A week or so ago I outlined this picture whilst waiting for some friends in a pub and I at last sat down today to paint it. I was inspired by my drum making day in December. We actually had some warm sunshine in a sheltered part of the garden this morning and I did some of the final pencil outlining onto watercolour paper whilst sitting outside. The painting was then completed indoors with inks where the light was more consistent.

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winterdrum said...

It was good to meet you and drum; and great to see the painting, I loved the colours and the circle theme.

Thanks for giving me your blog address it looks interesting, I will explore. Interesting too to follow your pagan tasks and experience.