Friday, 16 January 2009


This year seems to have got off to a good start and I feel I have shed my autumnal blues. Work is very busy, more stimulating and challenging and I feel in a good frame of mind all round.

After about half a year of thinking about it but, for one reason or another not progressing with the action, I visited a local Pagan Moot one evening this week. I am uncertain as to whether to write much about it although it was very thought provoking. Why did I go? Because when I've been in a place that, to my perspective, has been very anti(?) the ideas they may have I was naturally a little wary. One thing has stuck with me is that people may be more readily able to accept each other for who they are than for what they believe - I know this is a huge generalisation and not always true (and I haven't got time here to expand fully on what I mean). I had some interesting conversations that covered ground that I resonated with, but I need to be a bit more careful that my liveliness, personal humour and phrases of language do not get misinterpreted when I am an unknown person.

I was given the task by one of the members, whether I should accept it or not, of studying the four elements (earth, fire, air and water) for a month each over the next four months and to find out all I can about them. I will do this as best as I can and report back at various stages.

I'll go again because I am sure I can learn from the people there. I am not ready to engage fully with them, but I need people to share with and learn from. I have to embrace new opportunities and new ways of doing "people" stuff.

Have also joined Facebook this week and that is proving quite exciting!

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