Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hoar Frost

Today: walked from Titley (Herefordshire) to Titley Station, along the railway line and up to Rushock, up onto Rushock Hill, along the Mortimer Trail to Burnt House and then down to Titley (8 miles or so).

I hadn't really allowed myself time to do this walk and take into account any stoppages so it was a bit of a push. It was quite a cold and foggy day and up on the top of Rushock Hill visibility was fairly poor, but fortunately I knew my way over the open land.

Up on the high ground of Rushock Hill and along the hill top to Burnt House it was wonderful to see the beauty that the freezing fog created on all the trees and plants that it touched. The hedgerows, woods, cobwebs, fences, and indeed anything above ground level were amazing - ice transformed them all into things of wonder. The patterns that the freezing fog made on anything it touched were stunning with shapes, forms and patterns appearing everywhere. Even my eyebrows got covered in lumps of ice!

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