Saturday, 10 January 2009

"Beauty lies in the places where there is seemingly nothing"

The above title is a quote from an article entitled "The Space Between" by Suzy Murphy in Resurgence, No. 251, November/December 2008. Contained within the article were a few other pieces of writing that I wanted to remember:

'... the Ancients [various writers and artists] ... their belief in the spirituality of the landscape, where Nature takes on a God-like presence.'

'When God created the
It was not the
That were important,
But the spaces

'The Ancients believed that the landscape was the Bible resurrected. For me the landscape is a vista poignant with spiritual meaning.'

'...when you understand what is meant by the 'spaces between the flowers' you understand that there is beauty in the ordinary...'

[Art/creativity (?) should be] 'A Diary of everyday life lived and felt, and the spirituality it contains.'

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