Friday, 27 June 2008


'This neglect of our human nature has led to the tragedy we face today: most people are alienated from their vital individuality - their souls - and humanity as a whole is largely alienated from the natural world that evolved us and sustains us. Soul has been demoted to a New Age spiritual fantasy or a missionary's booty, and Nature has been treated, at best, as a postcard or a vacation backdrop or, more commonly, as a hardware store or refuse heap. Too many of us lack intimacy with the natural world and with our souls, and consequently we are doing untold damage to both.'
(Bill Plotkin, Reviews, Resurgence Magazine, May/June 2008, No. 248)


'Never let us approach another believer to ask him to become "one of us" but approach him with respect as one who is already "one of His", who is, and from whose invariable beauty all contingent being depends!

This, surely, emphasises the kinship of wisdom and compassion. This is The Way of Love, the understanding that Love is, which is to say that Love is the essence of being. And it therefore seems to me that if we wish to find the Truth we need to follow
this path, for Love is both the pathway and that to which the path will lead us. It is the Quest and the Grail. It is the Underlying Religion'
(David Cadman, Reviews, Resurgence Magazine, May/June 2008, No. 248)

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