Friday, 20 June 2008

Adventure and Passion

My notes from a 'Wild at Heart' group - on how to be a man! (A Christianity based course at church)

How long have you lived? Not in years in actually living? In actually experiencing life. When did your passions come alive? Does God use your passions for Him? What makes you come alive?

What is your adventure? it involves risk - it involves faith. Adventure is a spiritual longing within man. It is about how much control I want over my life. Do I want control over everything? Do I play it safe? If so, am I saying I don't trust God?

What do you really want to do? Step out into your adventure and go down the rapids.

Walking with God takes risks. I am in the frontier - that was what I was made for. The world needs men that have come alive, that are true to their core. What is written on your heart?

Then there is the 'evangelism' question: e.g. sport vs Jesus - passion... Should be God's warrior (yuk) - what am I called to do?

Casual adventures: weekend golf, walks, white water rafting etc
Crucial adventures: loving wife, entering daughter's world, changing jobs
Critical adventures: big risk, will work if God shows up, evangelism, fight for that, will god come through for me (hmm, something vaguely like that... must check the book)

What story am I writing for my life? Are you the centre of your adventure or is God? What risks have I taken? The risk takers inherit the Kingdom (I think that is people who are willing to step out for Jesus...)

I drew a picture of a man holding stone and saying "What is your adventure?"

* * * * * * * * * *

Why have I never really been inspired by the Bible? Why doesn't God's spirit instill in me a passion for it? Why is my spiritual journey now giving me inspiration and passion?

* * * * * * * * * *

This was the first real time on the course that I had really bonded with something that I could identify with. My spiritual adventure has been huge, and I believe it was (oh, bother what's the word...) ratified/acknowledged/honoured (?) by the above. My personal plunge into the adventure of belief/faith has been a huge risk and a huge challenge, but I feel it has been 'what I am all about' - it is about who and what I am. Only other people make me feel disillusioned about it.

I like adventure. Well sometimes, not always. I like stability, I like security but I will do new things. I have done a bungee jump!

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