Monday, 5 May 2008

A Challenge in Recycling

I didn't quite manage to make a wendy house for nothing, but for probably less than £40, I almost managed to do it. Using old pallets and chipboard from work, other odd bits of wood lying around the house and a pile of nails handed down from my Father I had tried to make a outdoor playhouse for my daughter for nothing. In the end I had to buy some timber for the framework, roofing felt and, most expensively of all, paint.

The design had been circulating round my mind for several months but once I begun to build it, it seemed to find its own way of how it wanted to be constructed. With a dryish forecast and a bank holiday weekend ahead of me, I set to work armed with a couple of saws, and electric jigsaw and jars of assorted nails. I think it took around 12 hours in total, and there are still a few finishing touches to be added, such as a proper opening window, decorated eaves, a letter box, shelves and anything else that may be neccessary or requested by the little one!

It has been a success with my daughter taking to it with glee. It makes an excellent shop, with the window being the selling counter for ice cream, cakes, cusions and soft toys. I wish I had made it a bit bigger as it is a bit of a squash when we both sit inside but I didn't want to take over the garden or push myself too much. It was hard work, but great to see the result!

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