Thursday, 29 May 2008

Be still............

"be still............", these were the only words in an email that popped into my inbox today.

Without knowing the background what inspired the sender to send these words to me, I can only assume something in my blog must have inspired the thought. Thank you, "g". I think perhaps I needed them this week as I had been feeling rather unsettled again, perhaps more than normal. I think that my work place is very claustrophobic and by the end of the day I am feeling a bit stressed and then I get tired, and then I worry about me, work, driving, the family, the increasing cost of living, the cost of petrol, where do I go next and how awful I think the world is!

I have to really battle my way through this sort of depressive thinking at times. I can be a hugely positive person but I am lacking that positive people energy that stimulates me. I can see why the internet is so popular now - it enables people to communicate and form interconnections that are more meaningful than those that life sometimes gives us. We have more opportunities to connect and just inspire people, if only with a two-word email.

"Be still": I know all the theory and I do try and set aside quiet moments each day and try to not get bogged down in just day to day living 'stuff'. Being a mystic appeals, and I suppose what I should do is to get my journaling back on track. That created hugely special "quiet times" of prayer, peace and contemplation.

When I think of a tree, strong, peaceful, quiet, tuned into nature herself I find a good analogy with "being still".

I sat out in the summerhouse this evening with the rain tapping on the roof (4 days of rain have just passed) and did some character development work on a big sketchpad just before the daylight disappeared. I love working outside, or with fresh air around me. I feel I am at last birthing something new, but I need to work on it more - it's some sort of contemporary characters that can work well as humans, birds or a wide assortment of animals.

I love "being still". I love being active. Finding balance and recognising the value of each is important. As is having a positive outlook on life and not getting bogged down with the tiny details.

Thank you for this day.

Blessed Be.

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