Monday, 17 March 2008

Slow Down!

Even though we have had cold winds, rain and seemingly little sunshine recently, Spring has awoken and there are celandines, violets, primroses and violets everywhere. The season wakes and gives birth to new life so quickly, and each year I almost feel as though I miss it. We long for it so much during the dark winter months and yet now I almost want to say "Wait, slow down, let me see you for a while and spend time in your presence!".

I have almost come to the conclusion that trying to Slow down and live a Slow lifestyle is impossible, though I haven't read around the subject to see what other downsizers or slow thinkers advocate what one should do. Having spent most of my working life up until now not really having to commute any distance that I couldn't walk in half an hour, I now find having to sit in a car for two 40 minute journeys (more or less) not conducive to an easy going, balanced, chilled out frame of mind. Nor is having a lively, bright, excitable, whingey, moody 4.5 year old in a small house. Nor is shopping in our local Asda. Nor is deciding to build a wendy house in the garden out of recycled wood with no financial outlay. Nor is being so enthusiastic to be outside that I get depressed sitting at my desk all day. Nor is having to pay a mortgage, insurance, car tax and heating bills. Nor is the huge long list of things, many of them creative, that I want to do. Nor is trying to find time to lead a 'spiritual' life!

More some other time.

Blessed Be.

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