Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sitting on a Sunny Bench

The title is just an analogy for me just taking a few moments to add a few lines here. It's a bit like being on a long walk and finding a nice comfy wooden bench, bathed in early spring sunshine, and just sitting down to rest one's weary feet for a few minutes.

I am pondering a Post on being"Slow"... when I can get some space to write it!

Ah yes, the universe has been good to me. I have found a local Permaculture course which starts in May. I didn't quite jump up and down all day long with excitement, but I could have done. It will take quite a time commitment over three months but, having read around the subject for several years, it seems an amazing thing to find nearly on my doorstep. Can't wait!!!

Hands are bit tired at the moment from all the house decorating and a large amount of computer work, so typing Posts is not a priority.

Oh, poo - another lunchtime gone...

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Good for you on taking a permaculture class. You will have to share how that goes. And wow, you have been a busy fellow, but I'm glad you can still find some quiet time.