Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Earth Herself Journeys

I have just finished reading Finding Earth, Finding Soul by Tim Macartney (of A fairly inspiring book about walking the 'Invisible Path', as he calls it, of a relationship with the earth/nature. I liked it because it came from a fairly neutral and braod viewpoint, from a spiritual perspective, of how to relate more closely with the earth beneath our feet (i.e. not specifically Christian, Druidic, Wiccan etc). There was one passage in the book that stood out for me, and here it is:

If we do not journey, we stand still. If we stand still, we atrophy. There is little middle ground.
The earth herself journeys. She is a great mentor for those that will listen. She risked the challenge of childbirth, invested millions of years in raising her human children, and now endures the challenge of teenage indifference. She cannot stop the experiments with dangerous drugs or fast cars. She has chosen to honour her promise - the gift of choice. Yet she is not the mother to endure destruction at the hands of these same children. Although risking deep hurt she will survive and she has many more millions of years before she gives herself back to essence, and another planet takes on the immense challenge of birthing life.

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