Thursday, 10 January 2008

Electricity Free Zone

It was quite interesting the other day when we lost power to the house (and street) for nearly a whole day. I enjoyed it. It wasn't that cold, we cooked on a camping stove and, although we succumbed to going to a friends house to cook our lasagne for tea, it felt quite refreshing not having light, tv or anything else flashing, humming or switching on and off all day long. It was time when all our neighbours met up to gaze anticipatingly down the hole in the pavement dug by various workmen to sort it out.

I decided not to share my positive thoughts amongst the tut-tuts, swearings, threats of someone being sued and mumblings of how awful it all was with no-one able to cook or have heating. Our freezer can quite happily survive being switched off for 18 or so hours with no grumbling, but it seems no-one else can.

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Anonymous said...

We used to live in a very rough, rural area about an hour outside of Ottawa, Canada that routinely had power outages. One of my best memories is of having to sit in front of a roaring fire for warmth and light with all my pets (3 cats, 1 dog) around me. The light wasn't bright enough for me to do anything but sit and...think, while we all listened to the howling winter storm outside.

I can't say that all my thoughts were pleasant because it was cold that night, and there was fear of the pipes bursting in the back of my mind. Also, my husband had a long commute in that weather, so I was uneasy about that.

Nevertheless, there was something primal and restorative to just sitting and staring into the dancing flames of a fire, without any distractions.