Monday, 13 August 2007

The Feminine Spirit

Anyone studying Judaism and the Hebrew religions, the Holy Scriptures such as the Kabbalah, Torah, and Talmud know the term ruach ha-kodesh as the Hebrew term for the Holy Spirit. "Ruach" means "breath" or "spirit," and "ha Kodesh" is a word akin to "holy". In Hebrew, ruach ha-kodesh is a feminine term, so that in the original language of the Bible, the Ruach ha-Kodesh is a "She." In the Old Testament, when the phrase "Spirit of God" is used, it is always the feminine Hebrew term. (

Things to do: find out more about whether the Holy Spirit is actually more female than I have always been lead to believe. Somehow, a more female Spirit makes more sense to me. Have I been given a distorted paternalistic view of the Trinity that actually now has a place for a female member? It certainly creates a more meaningful eco-theological/mother earth view of things.

Perhaps this is where Bible study could actually get interesting for once...

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Anonymous said...

I read these articles fleetingly because I should be doing my vat return, but they are of interest to me and I will come back. The idea of a female essence to God or the creator is very interesting and thought provoking after reading the article previously considering black and white of the East. I always feel that where I am in myself is a reflection of how I am in the world and how the world is in me. I can not deny that I was born feminine but I recognise and welcome many aspects of myself that may be perceived as a masculine energy and many nurturing that are perceived feminine and as time goes by the lines seem very blurred. Is that a reflection of the trinity in me and me in the trinity? Something to meditate on thankyou for stimulating this thought.