Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Upon this Cross

So to the cross to bare my soul
And on that cross I touch the wood
That holds me high above the crowd.
I am held by nails - foreign objects
That pierce my flesh and the wood
We are bound together, inseperably.
I welcome death, as has the wood
We become one, lifeless but strong.
The cross and I, formed from the earth
We each bare scars of humanity
We each grew, but were then felled
by the saw or the spoken word.

Now we stand together,
The cross holding me up: new branches.
Together we were formed for a purpose
Having no control over our destiny
From separation to bonding
From existence to crucifixion
We become, together, a symbol
Of inhumanity and sinfulness.

Before coming to this stony place
We had already died
Our future predestined by an other
Worked by the hand of our makers.
We both end our physical lives
And our bodies fade from existence
But in new forms we continue to live
One as the Earth, one as the Spirit.

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