Thursday, 19 July 2007

Nature's Martyr

If a Muslim is willing to die for Jihad
If a Christian is willing to die for Jesus
If a soldier is willing to die for their country
If a Knight is willing to die for the hand of a Princess
If a man is willing to die in saving another...

Surely there can be no just cause
That is ultimately the one to die for
All become a tear in the eye of the God of love
The fallen Earth never learning.

The actions of martyrs and heroes is held high
Each sacrificing self to a just cause
Their passion and commitment overrides life
The final ultimate action anyone can take.

Would my passion for my beliefs
Take me to a point like this
Where desperation, frustration or necessity live
Where my belief is greater than the value of life?

Perhaps my Jihad would be
Against any who reject Nature
Rise up my army let's fight
Those who tear this Earth apart.

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astern said...

oh, interesting :-)