Thursday, 29 March 2007

Sainsbury's Orange Carrier Bags

Perhaps I haven't been into Sainsbury's for a while, but the one thing that struck me today about my visit to the store in Harpenden was their bright orange carrier bags. Where were my large reuseable shopping bags when I needed them? I had to take two and suddenly felt, as I exited the shop, as though I had become a bright flourescent sign shouting to be seen and being an immediate advert for the store. As I walked down the street I became part of a distinctly visible line of people, all carrying bright orange bags, which disappeared into the distance. Walking across Harpenden common, a place of green and nature, the two orange bags seemd to be the most incongruous thing I could ever carry. Their presence seemed unwelcome in the landscape and their very being and requirement seemed to further separate the food within them from the earth.

Must remember to try and find out what I can do with old carrier bags - and to put my normal shopping bags in the car!

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