Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A Place in the Imagination

I welcome this place.

I walk through the dense trees
Ahead of me, light requests my presence
Sunlight streaming through the tall thin pines.
I enter a circle of sunlight
A place of soft grass surrounded by the darkness.
Above, the clear blue sky
Warmth welcomes the scent of pine to the air
And me, as I stand,
Alone but for the company of trees
The circling buzzard, calling
And the slight wave of the breeze
In the tallest branches.
The grass is warm
Soft to the touch of the barefoot.
I am lying, looking up at the sky
Or dancing, free as can be.

In Peace
Beauty all around
Freedom to be
Released from pain
The soul refreshed.

I give thanks for this place.

I open my eyes.

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